Customised Ex Control Panels & Terminal Boxes

The instrumentation, control and interlocking of explosionproof devices in hazardous area require a control unit complying with the regulations. This unit comprises either an operator panel with switches and pilot lamps or a complete systems for controlling and interlocking devices.

We offer appropriate solutions for the various zones :-
  • Flameproof Ex d IIC control units with increased safety «e».
  • Control units Ex e IIC with enclosures in the type of protection Increased Safety «e» .
  • Control units with pressurized systems, categories 2 and 3 (Ex pxb IIC for Zone 1 and Ex pzc IIC for Zone 2)
  • «Non-sparking» control units, Ex nA IIC.
  • Restricted breathing control units, Ex nR IIC.
  • Control units with enclosures for dust, Ex tb IIIC and Ex tc IIIC.
Customised Annunciator
Ex de IIC T6
Annunciator showing Ex d Box
Ex de IIC T6
Terminal Box
Intrinsically Safe Field Bus Junction Box
Ex de ia-ib IIC T6
Control Panel
Ex nA de IIC T4
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