Ex Lights & Inspection Lamp Distribution

Explosionproof hand-held lamps are used for temporary illumination of the workplace, while machine lamps are permanently installed in Zone 1 & 2 for explosive gas atmospheres and Zone 21 & 22 for explosive dust atmospheres.

The explosionproof hand-held and machined lamps are designed for use for Gas Group IIC potentially explosive gas atmospheres with protection by flameproof enclosure d and for potentially explosive dust atmospheres with protection by enclosure t.

  • portable lamps Categories 1, 2 and 3.
  • hand-held and machine lamps 6 to 58 W.
  • inspection lamps Category 1 (Zone 0).
  • fluorescent light fixtures 18 to 58 W (also with integrated emergency lighting).
  • reflector lamps.
  • safety lighting for Ex areas.
  • flasher lamps.
  • boiler flange lamps.
*NEW* - LED Explosion proof hand-held and machined lamps

- the particular appeal of the white LEDs lies in their high energy efficiency, their rugged construction that withstands rough handling, vibrations and their extremely long service life, making it unnecessary ever to change the LEDs during the entire lifetime of the hand-held and machine lamps.

Zone 1 Ex Handlamp (LED) Ex d IIC T5

Portable Ex Lamp Bank

Ex Signal Tower

Illuminated Level Gauge

Ex Machine Lamp

LED Machine Lamp

Ex Handlamp with Ex Safety transformer and Ex plug for use in enclosed areas.
Ex LED Tubes for direct replacement of fluorescent tube in Ex Fitting.

Tube light with 3 LED tubes (360).

Ex LED Tube Luminaires with flange socket.
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