Electric air heaters are employed to preheat air and gases in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In the process engineering, set process temperatures are often required, for example when paper webs are dried in printing machines, vessels and solvent containers are dried with hot air after cleaning, or reactions are initiated with streams of heated gas.

When the pressure of gas is reduced, its adiabatic expansion is accompanied by a fall in temperature. In order to prevent ice forming in valves, fittings and piping, the gas stream is heated up prior to the reducing valve.

The heating units are designed specifically for individual applications on the basis of key project data such as :-
  • ambient temperature range.
  • inlet and outlet temperature medium.
  • medium to be heated, with its physical properties.
  • temperature class.
  • heat flux, dependent of the physical properties of the medium.
  • geometry of the heating unit.
Heater Control Box
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Immersion Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Gas Heater
Electric Air-Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Temperature Controller
Ex de IIC T6
Gas Pipeline Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Controller
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